I'm a home-sewer, can I still help?

Yes! We need sewers of all levels! We have a resident sewer on board to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact happyscrubs@mothdesign.com.au and someone will get in contact to help over the phone or video chat.


Do I have to be an experienced sewer?

Not at all. We need sewers of all levels. This is a community led initiative to dress as many health workers as we can. The workforce is about to triple in size and we need to ensure all workers have something to wear.


How do I get fabric?

  • When registered, we will send you out a fabric package to begin. However, if you can donate fabric and use what you have, we can arrange pick up and distribution of the made scrubs


What if I don't have an overlocker?

  • You can bind edges or add french seam (don’t forget to add in a little bit of extra seam allowance if you need more for this)

  • If this is the case, please bind sleeve seams together - not french seam to avoid weird fabric pulling!


How do I get patterns?

  • We will deliver them to you with the fabric, or you can pick up from our workshop in Brunswick East. Our delivery team will be 100% sanitised and maintain social distancing measures. 

  • Alternatively we can send you the patterns for download - get in contact with us at  happyscrubs@mothdesign.com.au


What materials will I need?

  • Fabric - The Happy Scrubs can supply this, however you are welcome to donate your own. Cotton is best, something relatively lightweight and breathable. We want our healthcare workers as comfortable as possible for their long shifts. Otherwise, chambray and linen could work as long as it’s not scratchy, loosely woven or see through

  • Lightweight interfacing for the V neck facing on tops and for the front panel (forehead) of scrub caps (for lightweight fabrics only)

  • Thread - matching if you have it 

  • Elastic - The Happy Scrubs will supply this, however you are welcome to donate your own. 4cm or 3cm for pants. See page 2 of pant detail sheet PDF that will be emailed to you for measurements


What kind of equipment do I need?

  • Fabric scissors

  • Pins

  • Sewing machine

  • Overlocker (optional)

  • Iron


How long will it take to sew the scrubs?

  • Depending on your experience and as an indication, your first set of scrubs should take about 4 hours, and every other set after that should take 2 hours. Please consider this time when ordering your fabric and working out what it is possible for you to sew.


How many Scrubs should I make?

  • As many as possible or as many as you can manage! If you can only make one pair, that is fine, every set counts.


I don't sew but I want to help!

  • Support us! Pay it forward and buy a pair of scrubs at our GoFundMe https://www.gofundme.com/f/the-happy-scrubs-fundraiser

  • Become a friend and share! You can find us on instagram @happy.scrubs

  • Spread the word. Do you have anyone in your network that can help sew or donate fabric or funding?

  • Deliveries - We are looking for delivery drivers if you have access to a car


Do I get paid to sew?

The Happy Scrubs is 100% volunteer run. All funds raised goes toward the hard costs of the fabric and petrol for deliveries. All sewers are volunteers for the time being. 


Can I make my own pattern?

Email us at happyscrubs@mothdesign.com.au and can send you downloadable patterns.


Please note, health workers have requested lots of pockets. Due to sanitation requirements, storage trolleys are unable to be used, so workers need plenty of space to carry and store what they need on them. We recommend making scrubs M and up.


Who will receive my Scrubs?

Distribution of the scrubs and PPE will be done in collaboration with Fairfield Paediatrics, hospitals and other healthcare workers, and will go straight to the hands of the workers that need them the most.

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